Driver Identification

Driver Identification Using iButton - iTrack America


iTrack Driver Identification keeps track of the individual driver of the vehicle, allowing you to to keep record of each driver’s routes, habits and restriction violations even though they operate different vehicles.


One or more key fobs are associated with each driver, and the driver is required to use the key fob for each journey taken in a company vehicle. Any activity performed by a vehicle during the time the driver was assigned will be associated with that driver for reporting purposes. Maps display driver information, and alerts/messages will have the appropriate driver’s contact information.


How driver identification works

Along with our GPS tracking unit, a small key reader is installed on the vehicle’s dash. When the vehicle is turned on the driver will have to touch the key fob to the key reader for a moment at the start of every journey. In the event the key fob is not presented, after one minute an alarm will sound. The only way to disable the alarm is to present the key fob or turn off the vehicle. *

Drivers can also be assigned to a vehicle in 2 more ways – manually (via the web interface) and by filling in their personal ID in the Garmin navigation terminal(if installed)

* Short parking times(less than 5 minutes) will not require a new driver identification procedure


Benefits of Driver Identification

  • Driver-Centric Reports – View reports on idling, speeding, miles, stops, landmark visits, and odd-hours by driver, not by vehicle
  • Accountability – Obtain a history for which vehicle was driven by which driver at a particular time (e.g. for tickets, violations, customer complaints, etc.)
  • Administrative Control – Set up which drivers are assigned to which vehicles historically
  • Immobiliser – The ignition can be set up to be allowed only when one of your company drivers is identified
  • Heightened Safety of vehicles and employees