How do you keep track of your drivers?
We understand challenges businesses face and we can help you
do business smarter and increase fuel economy
Our GPS fleet tracking solution transforms the mounds of data and paper your business generates every day into simple, easy-to-understand information so you always have the key knowledge to make the right decisions at your fingertips. Our service will enable you to manage even the most complex fleets on one platform. Some of the key features are:

  • Knowing where all you vehicles are at all times
  • Geo-fencing and speed restrictions without borders
  • Fuel efficiency reports
  • Stolen vehicle retrieval
  • Driver authentication and safety monitoring
  • Two-way communication with your drivers
      … and much more

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Work more intelligent not harder

Increase the productivity and efficiency of your fleet by getting to customers faster, reducing or completely eliminating phone calls, performing maintenance on time and much more with fleet tracking. Companies that use iTrack pick up more jobs per day than their competitors through better intelligence about their fleet.


Driver behavior monitoring

Driver behavior monitoring is a significant benefit of our fleet tracking solution and it has the same result as if you were sitting in the truck with each of your drivers… try to imagine that! Your drivers will respect posted speed limits, not let the vehicle engine idle as long and avoid bad driving habits such as harsh acceleration and braking resulting in significant improvements to fuel economy, reduced vehicle maintenance costs and reduced accident rates.


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